A Security Token Offering (STO) For Professional Investors

Rich Glory Coin (“RGC”), a uniquely structured digital asset – a Secured Tokenized Debt, is a counter inflation play backed by production contracts on underlying oil fields in Dagang Kongnan Block in China, with multiple years of fully audited solid financial track records.

RGC is a 3-year secured debt instrument bearing fixed interest of 4.5% p.a. payable semi-annually with potential additional return calculated based on 10% of the positive percentage difference of the 90-day VWAP BRENT crude oil spot price between the Issue Date and the Maturity Date payable at maturity.

RGC is issued by Success Plus Global Limited, a SPV holds by a fund registered in the Cayman Islands and managed by StormHarbour Securities (HK) Limited – A Hong Kong SFC licensed corporation and a global investment bank with over 160 investment professionals in London, New York,  Madrid, Hong Kong, Dubai, Tokyo and Lisbon.

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